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demandZERO is a group of community organizers on a mission to combat the ever-growing opioid epidemic by means of targeting the trade of illegal and lethal drugs within our community. We pledge to help the New Haven Police Department with resources to assist in the repression and elimination of the deadly drug supply. Through these efforts, we hope to not only stop the trade of those drugs in New Haven, but to also prevent the flow of these drugs to the Shoreline Communities. We want to end the demand for illegal drugs, and change the staggering over-dose statistics that dominate the opioid epidemic. Through institutive action and collaborative efforts, we #demandZERO. 


"Today I will do what others won't,

so tomorrow I can accomplish 

what others can't"



-Jerry Rice, wide receiver,

San Francisco 49ers 

Our Boys In Action


demandZERO is dedicated to creating and supporting meaningful experiences within our community so that we can reach our mission. Help us achieve our goals by attending our events and being a supporter of our fundraising initiatives! 

2024 demandZERO Clambake and Auction
2024 demandZERO Clambake and Auction
Jun 13, 2024, 5:30 PM EDT
Anthony's Ocean View
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